Halloween will probably be a little different in Utica and Rome this year - even masks won't out of place anymore. If you're looking for a costume that exemplifies 2020, we've got you covered.

Every year has its costume trends, based on popular culture and general events. In previous years, we've seen everything from 'Sharknado' to presidential candidates. We're sure 2020 will be no different.

These Are The 5 Most 2020 Halloween Costumes

  • Coronavirus - if you can whip up an M&M costume, you can manage a virus.
  • Toilet paper - you know you want to.
  • Hand sanitizer - even better if you can make one that really pumps - double duty.
  • Bat - where it all started...
  • Essential Workers - which mean most of us can just dress up as ourselves.


Of course, Party City has their own list of the most searched for costumes for 2020. They include Tiger King, video game characters, all the characters from 'Frozen', 'Wonder Woman', and 'Birds of Prey'.

Skeletons are also popular, along with the rest of the undead, like zombies and vampires.

Party City says 96% of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween. Even though things are going to be a little different, they say trends will include Halloween parades (socially distanced), decorating, and bags of candy left outside to avoid contact.

Are you planning on going all out this Halloween?

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