Battle Rounds for The Voice continued on Monday night (Oct. 18) with a series of outstanding performances that included Team Blake's country/bluegrass vocalist Carson Peters and R&B soul singer Clint Sherman.

Peters, 17, and Sherman, 26, impressed judges with a cover of Vince Gill’s classic country hit, "Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away." The hopefuls held up acoustic guitars during the rendition, while Sherman showed off his confidence on the first verse. Peters, then, took over for the second verse of the song, offering up his unique rasp for the audience to hear.

“That was one of my favorite performances so far. I loved it so much,” Ariana Grande remarked, applauding the singers after the performance. “I’m going to have to start Yee-hawing up in here!”

“I loved Carson in the blinds,” John Legend added. "I turned for him, and I think he’s a fantastic talent. [It was] fun to watch. Electric energy. But Clint, you were so confident. Your tones are so rich and powerful. You shocked me, man!"

Kelly Clarkson called Peters a Patrick Swayze lookalike, also noting how "incredibly gifted" he is before praising Sherman for his "tone" and "confidence."

"People don’t normally cover Vince Gill's songs. It’s kind of one that you avoid," Blake Shelton said before making his decision of who he would keep for his team, to move onto the next round.

"Thank you guys for working so hard on this thing … the winner of this battle is Carson."

"I just feel like Carson had the edge, and he’s just got a few different gears he can go to as a vocalist," Shelton later added of his decision to let Sherman go. "He’s only 17 years old, and that as a coach is very exciting. We haven’t yet heard him play the fiddle, and I can’t wait for that!"

Fans can look for all-new episodes of The Voice every Monday and Tuesday night at 8PM ET on NBC.

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