Ford redesigned the Ford Bronco and it was released yesterday.  We have pictures for you.  But did you know it was supposed to be released on another date last week?

The original release date was July 9th, but according to Mark Truby, the VP of Communications for Ford Motor Company, they moved the date because July 9th is also the birthday of a guy who made the Ford Bronco a bit infamous.

"The reveal of the all-new Ford Bronco lineup will now happen on Monday, July 13. The previous targeted date of July 9 unintentionally coincided with O.J. Simpson’s birthday. We wanted to be sensitive and respectful of this concern." -- Ford spokesman Mark Truby

You may remember a certain police chase from 1994 that took place live on TV.  You can probably even remember exactly where you were or what you were doing when you saw it.  OJ Simpson was wanted by the police and was driving the streets of Los Angeles in a white Ford Bronco and he didn't show any signs of stopping.

It wasn't a high-speed chase at all.  As a matter of fact, it was low speed.  But it ended with the arrest of OJ.  The former Buffalo Bill was a suspect in the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Simpson was later acquitted in a trial that the world watched.

Soon after that famous chase, the Ford Bronco was taken off the assembly line.  It was taken out of production in 1996.

But now it's back! The Bronco will be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, the only plant where the Bronco has ever been built. They're hoping that they will be able to dominate the market of off-road SUV's that Jeep has dominated for years with their Wrangler.

Check out the pictures of the newly redesigned Bronco right here.



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