Ray Brothers BBQ may have the best ribs in New York, but Rochester is home to the grossest food in the state.

Passport came up with 'Grossest Food From Every State' and the garbage plate received the honor in New York. An honor that won't sit well with Rochester residents. To add insult to injury, the article called upstate "essentially a giant garbage dump so there's no surprise the regional delicacy is basically a plate of meat, baked beans, fries, and possibly raccoon butt slopped together in a giant, heaving mess of glomp."

The garbage plate, that originated at Nick Tahou Hots in 1918 is half mac salad, half home fries, 2 cheeseburgers, covered in meat sauce, chopped onion and mustard.

Photo Credit - YouTube via Thrillist
Photo Credit - YouTube via Thrillist

Since 1918, there have been several variations of the plate that people come from miles around to enjoy.

Insulting everyone in Rochester and garbage plate lovers all over the state wasn't enough. The article went on to take a shot at Binghamton too. "Honestly I'm just surprised it's named after Rochester rather than Binghamton, which is where joy goes to die."

The garbage plate isn't gross. It's a staple, especially in Rochester. You want gross. How about the Sourtoe Cocktail, garnished with a dehydrated, salted human toe from Alaska. Now THAT'S GROSS!

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