Believe it or not, but kids don't always receive a 'treat' on Halloween. I'm sure you can recall a certain house or two on your old Halloween route that was known for giving out odd things.

Buzzfeed just asked people to share the weirdest things they ever got trick-or-treating. Here are my 10 favorites:

1. "Potato salad in a plastic bag."

2. "One year I got an actual cat. I still have him 17 years later."

3. "A gingerbread cookie in the shape of male anatomy."

4. "Pamphlets about why Halloween was a celebration of Satan."

5. "A Christmas crossword puzzle."

6. "I got a small plank of wood."

7. "A pack of cigarettes for my dad, who was with me."

8. "Live goldfish, not even in plastic bags, they just dumped fish into our bags."

9. "Hotel toiletries and Mary Kay samples."

10. Then of course there's the older lady down the street who gave out pennies.


Source: Buzzfeed