Seventeen years ago today, on Sept. 11, 2004, Terri Clark was undoubtedly doing plenty of celebrating. It was on that date that her single "Girls Lie Too," from her Greatest Hits 1994-2004 album, soared to the top of the charts, becoming her second single to take the No. 1 slot in the United States.

The cleverly crafted "Girls Lie Too," written by Connie Harrington, Kelley Lovelace and Tim Nichols, takes the perspective of a woman who tells lies as well as a man can. With lines such as "We don't care how much money you make / What you drive or what you weigh / Size don't matter anyway ... Don't think you're the only ones / Who bend it, break it, stretch it some / We learn from you / Girls lie, too," the song clearly resonated with the Canadian singer.

“I’ve always liked to have fun,” Clark tells Country Weekly of her draw to the uptempo tune. “My music is a reflection of what I’m like when I’m hanging out with my friends.”

Clark performed "Girls Lie Too" on the Grand Ole Opry on May 15, 2004, along with her previous single, "I Wanna Do It All." The songs must have been her good luck charms, because she was invited to join the Opry that night, becoming the first Canadian-born female to become an Opry member.

"Girls Lie Too" also appears on Clark's 2009 Terri Clark Live: Road Rage album.

This story was originally written by Gayle Thompson, and revised by Annie Zaleski. 

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