Tell Us About Your First Car For A Shot At A $1,000 Gift Certificate

Do you remember your first car? If you tell us, it could land you a sweet $1,000 gift certificate to Big E Tire.

It's a rite of passage for any teenager/young adult -- that hand-me-down or used car that certainly isn't perfect, but gets the job done. Although it definitely wasn't a Ferrari, it was perfect for traveling around town with your friends to grab a bite to eat, take a trip, or just hang out.

For me, the unnamed author writing this post, it was a 2006 teal-colored Ford Fusion -- affectionately named "The Denzel". Don't ask how I landed on that name. I have no clue.

Dig back into your photo albums and the deep recesses of your brain, we want to hear your first car stories, and if you're lucky, get you the aforementioned gift certificate to help your current car until the comes where it is a "first car" for the next generation.

Here's how to enter: from now until Monday, September 20, fill out the form below -- telling us what your first car was, and while optional, tell us your favorite memory of that ride! Also, if you want one additional entry, upload a picture of that car! We'll select one winner on Tuesday, September 21.

Our standard contest rules apply. Good luck!

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