Yesterday I blogged about what you could do during a snow day, but today I am actually having a snow day and thanks to today's  technology we can be almost as productive at home.

My day started like every other day, I got up took a shower, got dressed, grabbed my car keys, walked off my front porch and stepped into a 2 foot snow drift.

I was still determined to barrel my SUV out of the driveway inspire of what looked like even bigger drifts heading towards the road.

My determination quickly diminished while I sat and spun the tires for a bit, and being a morning man for over 20 years I took pride in the fact that I never took a snow day.

The group Little Texas said 'There's a First Time For Everything' and they were right.

One thing I quickly figured out is a day away from the office in 2017 can be pretty productive.

  • I fired off a few text messages  and a distribution list e mail to let everyone know I would not be in.
  • I can VPN into my work computer and get files and make changes right from home.
  • I am writing this blog in my sweatpants with a cup of coffee while I sit in my home office.
  • I am set up to receive voice mail messages from my office phone through my e mail
  • I can even do audio for commercials and  station imaging from my house.

Looking back at the big storm of 1993 I probably would have  been watching the Quantum Leap episode I taped on my VHS recorder.

In conclusion I can say that based on my personal experience, the term 'Snow Day' has a whole new meaning in the year 2017.

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