Greg Deemie

State Funds Sought for Johnson City "Square Deal Arch"
Johnson City officials are looking for funding sources to cover the cost of renovating the Square Deal arch.
The structure, which was erected by Endicott Johnson shoe workers in 1920, is in need of repair.
Mayor Greg Deemie said only one of the three decorative lights is working on the arch, which is …
Where is Johnson City’s Big Flag?
A giant American flag that was a fixture in Johnson City for more than a decade has disappeared.
Village residents and motorists on Route 17 in recent months have been wondering what happened to the stars and stripes they'd been accustomed to seeing since it was first raised on a 150-foot p…
Johnson City Parking Rule Signs Cause Confusion
Alternate-side parking rules in the village of Johnson City won't be enforced until next month, despite signs indicating the seasonal regulations are already in effect.
The village board recently changed the starting date for the regulations to December 1...
Johnson City State of Emergency
Following the collapse of a parking ramp at Wilson Hospital near the emergency room entrance, a state of emergency has been declared for the area near the hospital campus in Johnson City.