A Syracuse family has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season thanks to a police officer who continually goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Officer Brandon Hanks is known around the neighborhood as the cop who plays basketball with kids and buys new shoes if they win. On Thanksgiving, he bought an entire meal for a family who lost everything.

Quadre Perkins is one of those kids who looks up to Officer Hanks. "You have definitely been an inspiration when all was lost," his mother told officer Hanks. "If you ever get a chance, maybe you can stop by the school and see him."

Officer Hanks did more than that after finding out Perkins recently lost his grandmother who normally cooks Thanksgiving every year for the family. He showed up at Perkins' home with a bag full of food for a holiday meal. "I was able to sponsor Thanksgiving for the family," said Officer Hanks.

Credit - Brandon Hanks via Facebook
Credit - Brandon Hanks via Facebook

Food wasn't all that Officers Hanks brought with him either. There was also a gift card for Perkins who promised Hanks he wouldn't miss any more class this year. He's hoping to enter the military one day so he can follow in Officer Hanks' footsteps and become a police officer.

"It goes without saying only a mere 35% of what I do for the community gets posted on social media," Hanks said. "This is only to inspire others that may witness a kid misbehaving or getting into trouble. Take a deeper look at what's going on at home."

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