Summer is almost officially here and the kids will be out of school. Are you looking for something different to do that's close to home? You could do what Tara and I did. We decided that we should take a trip to see some haunted sites.

One of the places that we went to was Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Kempton, PA. Tara had read that an Indian massacre happened in the area in the 1700's.

The haunted area was a few miles from the Sanctuary, so we decided that since we were in the area anyway, lets check out the place. It's near Reading and it has several Lookout locations and the views are awesome.

The first lookout is the South Lookout with a fantastic view of the Kittatinny Ridge. We saw several Hawks flying around and we could see the River of Rocks Trail. The Trail is about 4 miles total and it's apparently left from the last ice age.

The trails are open year round, 365 days a year so if you can't make it this Summer....You could go this Fall....Christmas even. Besides with the name "Hawk" in it, then you know it's a place worth visiting.

So if you are looking for some place different and less then a day away? Check out the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and the River of Rocks Trail. It's educational and I don't mean the boring educational kind either.

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