I can definitely say that I have no idea how a beer sandwich would taste because I've never had one. Say what? A beer sandwich? I know that you're thinking such a thing doesn't exist, but that's where you'd be very wrong.

There's a company in Italy and they've created the world's very first spreadable beer. What they did was turn beer into a "sweet and beer-perfumed jelly with an intense scent and full-bodied taste."

Yeah, I don't know about that. I fully admit that I'm a scardey cat when it comes to things my brain doesn't think will taste very good. But, if you're game, pull out your wallet because this spreadable beer is going to cost you.

The beer jelly concoction comes in dark flavor and will set you back over 50 bucks after you include shipping (remember that it'll be coming from Italy). he .

The beer spread is pretty popular, so if it's sold out and you just have to have it, you can always try sending an email to commerciale@birraaltaquota.it. I mean, it does sound like it would make a pretty interesting Christmas present for the beer lover in your life who already has everything. I'm betting they don't have this!

Speaking of beer, don't forget that the Parlor City Oktoberfest is right around the corner and we hope that we hope that we'll see you there!

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