I saw this all the time, "it's all perspective". If we were told you last year that gas would be over $4 a gallon, we would lose our minds...and we did. If I told you last month, that gas would be down close to $4.50 a gallon, we would cheer...and we did.

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It's also amazing how much gas prices can differ throughout the state. Gas per gallon near Albany: $4.45. Gas just outside of Albany on Rt. 88: $4.75. Gas on Washington Avenue: $4.67. Gas on Pennsylvania/Park Ave: $4.75.

In June, gas hit a record high national average of $5.02 a gallon...which means half the gas was higher than that. Some reports said that gas could jump to $6 a gallon by the end of the summer.

It looks like that's not going to happen until after the mid-term elections. In fact, gas has dropped around .50 cents a gallon and more "help" could be on the way. In fact, gas prices could drop to $4 dollars a gallon soon.

The national average has dropped for over 35 straight days with over 25,000 stations back at $3.99 per gallon or less. I guess we should be cheering but that's still WAY too high.

We aren't there yet in the Southern Tier but according to GasBuddy, one fuel station is getting close.

Gas Stations With The Lowest Fuel Prices In The Southern Tier

It looks like a seven-way tie for third place with gas at $4.59 a gallon including

  • Citgo 28 Susquehanna St. Binghamton
  • Jay's One Stop 429 Riverside Drive Johnson City
  • K&P Mart 198 Robinson St, Binghamton
  • SNK Fuels 1065 Upper Front Street, Binghamton
  • Speedway 421 Hooper Road Endwell
  • Sunoco 143 Riverside Drive Johnson City & 415 W Main St. Endicott

2nd place

  • Gulf 1308 E Main Street Endicott -- $4.53 per gallon

1st place

  • Scott Smith & Son's 8 Delphine Street Owego -- $4.10 per gallon

Go here for the updated prices and other locations that can save you money on gas. Gas Pump: Do you want a receipt? Me: No, I want to forget the experience.

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