A lot of travelers from the Southern Tier use the Syracuse Hancock International Airport for the launching point or end of trip but that airport may be at risk for delays and shifting of flights under the rollout of 5G cellular signals.

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Officials are trying to work out claims that cell phone towers located near certain airports interfere with radio altimeters in some aircraft, impeding the instruments that assist pilots in landing in adverse visibility conditions.

According to several reports, the Syracuse airport is among those on the list of facilities that, in low visibility operations where planes using alternative measures of compliance or AMOC, are not permitted to use runways located near cell towers in certain conditions. January 19, the Federal Aviation Administration loosened its exclusion zone slightly from one to three miles in which 5G signal strength would be significantly reduced, allowing for instrument navigation and landing.

Syracuse.com reports the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority says it expects some impact to operations but no specifics were available.

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The Federal Aviation Administration says it will have to impose restrictions on flight operations using some kinds of radar altimeter equipment close to antennas for fifth-generation wireless service networks that provide high-speed internet and cell service.

The technology was to have been rolled out this week after being delayed two weeks by telecommunications carriers to discuss the aviation safety concerns further.  Those carriers maintain that 5G has been operating safely in over 40 other countries.

Passengers are advised to check with their airlines, especially if adverse weather is forecast, to find out if any flights are being affected.

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