I remember the day before my 16th birthday, I was ready to go. I had read all the material provided, I had asked all my friends their advice, I had even told the school I was leaving a little bit earlier that day. Why? It was time to finally get my permit to drive. A rite of passage in the teenage world and the hallowed halls of the high school.

My high school did not have a Driver’s Education course so that was not an option, my option was my dad teaching me in a parking lot in his boat of a Chrysler. We did laps around the parking lot, while I screamed and tapped the breaks so manty times I thought he was getting motion sickness. I now ask myself was this the best option, being taught on the road than in the classroom? I believe it was, but others disagree.

There is now a trend going through a few states where the parents of a child who is of age to drive, must also take Driver’s Education courses right alongside that child. Crazy right? Consumerist says this is because of the ever-changing and complicated driving laws from state to state.

In Connecticut parents must sit alongside their prospective driver for a two-hour Driver’s Education course before their child can even hit the road. I can’t imagine being 16 or 17 years old and going to class with my parents, what a traumatizing experience!

On the other hand, it may actually be a great idea. The laws of the road, vehicles, and routes change from year to year, so it isn’t a terrible idea to have a refresher course every once in awhile.

So, what do you think? Should parents be required to take Driver’s Education alongside their child? Or is it a waste of time?!

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