There is nothing like flying down snow or ice-covered hills when you are sledding. Wouldn't it be even cooler to speed down the longest toboggan chute in New York State? This isn't for the faint of heart. It's been in operation since the 1960s and it's only a two and a half-hour drive from the Capital Region.

My grandparents had a toboggan and growing up we would always take it out on the biggest hills in Mechanicville. I remember that my sisters and I would all fit on it and speed so fast down the hills. A toboggan is such a different ride than a normal sled. The wooden frame makes it a smooth and much faster slide down the hill. Now you don't have to have a toboggan, you can just use the ones at the Lake Placid Toboggan Chute.

According to the Lake Placid Toboggan Chute website, was rebuilt from the thirty-foot high converted ski jump. The toboggan chute is a thrilling ride down the ice-covered chute onto the frozen Mirror Lake. After your toboggan reaches the lake, you can still travel over one thousand feet.

There are certain scheduled times and you can ride as much as you want during that slot. You can also ride the toboggan with up to four people. During President's week, the lines are long and there are more riders so you are limited to the number of times you can go down the chute. This week they are open every day except Tuesday. The hours are from twelve until four and from seven until nine. There are lights for night riding. It's fifteen dollars for adults and ten for students and they only take cash.

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There are certain COVID restrictions and guidelines that are being followed. To get more information and to see the schedule, click HERE.

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