Finally, the show about nothing is coming to the streaming service that has everything.

Yes, it’s true: Every episode of Seinfeld is moving to Netflix. The site announced today that come next month, all 180 episodes of the landmark ’90s sitcom will be available there for all subscribers.

The press release for the news even included an amusing quote from Jerry Seinfeld himself, describing an acquisition that surely netted him tens of millions of dollars with trademark sarcasm:

Larry and I are enormously grateful to Netflix for taking this chance on us. It takes a lot of guts to trust two schmucks who literally had zero experience in television when we made this thing. We really got carried away, I guess. I didn’t realize we made so many of them. Hope to recoup god knows how many millions it must have taken to do. But worth all the work if people like it. Crazy project.

There’s also a teaser for the show. It should look familiar to fans.

For the past few years, Hulu has been the place to watch Seinfeld online and on demand. But Jerry Seinfeld has a long relationship with Netflix; he’s done several standup specials for the company, and it also bought his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee after it debuted on Crackle. They’re also currently streaming Bee Movie, Seinfeld’s animated series, his late ’90s standup special I’m Telling You For the Last Time, and his 2002 documentary Comedian. Once they have Seinfeld, they’ll have almost every single thing he’s ever produced in their streaming library.

Seinfeld begins streaming on Netflix on October 1.

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