Scotty McCreery's best songs are his most recent songs, which is truly unusual for recording artists in the 21st century. So often fans, record labels and radio programmers make quick decisions after hearing an early album or EP. Debut singles become permanent No. 1s in our mind — we simply can't move past that initial euphoria.

Or, if things go poorly, the artist is discarded and never gets to a point where a Top 10 or Top 20 songs list is even possible.

But the American Idol winner is putting out his best music now, 10 years removed from winning the reality television show. McCreery has found his voice as a singer and songwriter, and he's found the right producer to work with. Seasons Change (2018) was an epiphany, with songs from Same Truck (2021) solidifying his catalog with more fine storytelling and depth.

Taste of Country asked fans and readers for their favorite Scotty McCreery songs, but also relied on commercial success and our own critical ear to shape this list of his top songs. The Top 10 songs tilt heavy toward material released after 2017. "Five More Minutes" is his pivot point as a creator and a commercial artist, and as a result, music released within the last five years is heavily favorited.

There's still a soft spot in our hearts for "Water Tower Town," however, even if it's a little cheesy by comparison.

Top 10 Scotty McCreery Songs

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