What if? What if you stopped letting the world tell you how you're supposed to live your life and what the timeline should be for doing certain things? What if you threw conventionality to the wind and stepped out on an adventure with nothing more than a vehicle and a road map? Can you imagine how freeing that would feel?

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Meet Becky Evans, a resident of Whitney Point who has decided to live life her way and she's kindly offered to take us along for the ride as she steps into something pretty exciting (if not a little nerve-wracking).

Being a single mother to three fantastic kids is an adventure in and of itself, but Becky’s youngest graduated from high school this year and Becky decided that there was no better time than now to live her own adventure and what an adventure it's going to be.

For years Becky has dreamed of converting a school bus into a “skoolie” which is an old school bus that has been converted into a home, the ultimate definition of upcycling! She was looking for a bus with a flat nose, a 466 engine, and an Allison transmission and she found what she'd been looking for on June 30, 2021, when she stumbled on an advertisement for a bus for sale just outside of Albany. A few hours later, Becky was that much closer to her dream becoming a reality.

Sometimes things are just meant to be and it was clear to Becky that she was on the right path when she discovered her newly acquired school bus was originally from Whitney Point. She had brought it home. Literally.

Becky's plan is to convert the bus into a home, drive it coast to coast with stops at all the national parks in between, and then decide where to settle. Becky is able to work remotely and loves the idea of living her life right now in the moment instead of waiting for retirement and so, she's going to.

Becky says that although demo isn't exactly a walk in the park, things are starting to come together nicely. We can't wait to see what Becky's skoolie will look like when it's done and she's promised to share photos with us as the project progresses. We will continually update the gallery below so that you can watch the awesomeness unfold so be sure to come back each week for new updates!

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