What a strange season of life this is. I'm sure there will come a day when we'll look back on these days that we're living in right now and we'll have some profound reflections, but right now, at this very moment, it all just feels so surreal, doesn't it?

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When Ameria was basically shut down in mid-march, I don't think that any of us anticipated that we'd reach the 4th of July holiday and be unable to gather in large groups to celebrate America's birthday and yet, here we are.

There's so much internal conflict over how to celebrate one of our biggest national holidays. Risk it and hang out with friends or play it safe and celebrate low-key at home?

If you're leaning more toward safety and celebrating the holiday away from people, but you still want to do something to acknowledge the Fourth of July, you might like to check out one of these nationally televised celebrations.

Fourth of July 2020 Television Specials

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