Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds recorded a special video for an 11-year-old Canadian fan battling cancer. Reynolds, who is also Canadian, stepped out of the wise-cracking role of Wade Wilson and delivered a heartfelt, emotional message about staying strong through adversity.

Reynolds learned about the young boy, Brody Dery, through social media. Dery was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma last year. Wasting no time, Reynolds quickly recorded and sent the video to Dery's family. Canadian journalist Caden Fanshaw picked up the video and shared it to his Twitter. Watch the short-but-sweet message below, and just try not to cry:

“You have a ton of people in your life that love you so much. And, um, I know you’ve been going through it and I know it’s been a challenge lately, but you know something bro, you're just the man for the job,” Reynolds states. “So I’m sending you lots of love, and I hope I get to meet you in one of these days, and hang in there.”

Reynolds has a history of reaching out to cancer patients in the past as well as donating to charitable organizations. The character of Deadpool is also a cancer survivor, which helps him relate to the cause even more. Another Marvel leading man to use his powers for good is Jason Momoa, who last month sent a life-size Aquaman trident to another boy fighting against cancer.

Wade Wilson might be wild, unpredictable, and sarcastic, but it’s clear that Reynolds himself is not these things. His small gesture of support makes a big difference in the life of a kid in the throes of a heroic battle of his own.

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