You'd think if you were Ronnie Dunn, your family would be guaranteed to support every song you release, right? Wrong.

"Damn Drunk” is Ronnie Dunn’s new song and it features his former Brooks and Dunn partner, Kix Brooks. Obviously, Books and Dunn fans are pretty psyched to hear the duo together again on a song, but there’s one fan who was less than impressed. Ronnie’s 88-year-old mama, Gladys.

Ronnie filmed his mom’s reaction to his new song on his Facebook page and I think it's safe to say that Mama Dunn wasn’t moved by her son’s song- not in the least. As a matter of fact, she was pretty disappointed with the lyrics, saying, "I thought he could find something better to write about!"
Even though Mama Dunn isn’t a fan of the song, Ronnie says he was hooked on it from the start. He told Sounds Like Nashville, "This is one of those tunes that I immediately gravitated to. I listened to hundreds of songs while writing a few myself. Witnessing a song do that is magic. It is one of the most gratifying dynamics of music for me. Thanks to Kix, my long time compadre in crime, for joining in on the fun."

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