It appears a few legends are coming together to form one, amazing 'super-group'. The band calls themselves The Hollywood Vampires and is made up of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Johnny Depp, and Paul McCartney.

The group has been getting together since last year. They have been working with Bob Ezrin, a Canadian producer who has previously worked with bands like Kiss and Pink Floyd. He says the band is creating a record that is, "dedicated to all the friends we've lost to drugs and alcohol over the years and getting people to come in and cover the songs their friends wrote."

The name Hollywood Vampires comes from an informal drinking boys-club that Cooper was a part of back in the '70s, along with John Lennon, Keith Moon of The Who, and Elton John.

The group seems very happy with their work and they are promising an album of their work. They've only got one confirmed live performance, at the Rock in Rio this September, however Joe Perry is suggesting more tour dates to be released.

When legends like these come together, it sure is one force to be reckoned with! I can't wait to hear what they can do together!