Valentine's Day is this Sunday and you find yourself alone again or with a person that makes you miserable. If your happier when they aren't around then you are DEFINITELY with the wrong person. So what happened?

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Most of us have heard the Bible verse about love: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud...Love never fails. You can read the entire verse about love here.

Ask yourself this: When it comes to that special person in your life are you patient, kind, and selfless? If your answer is "not really" then that could be your first problem. Maybe it's because you fell for the "right person" myth. You thought that once you met the right person, everything will be all right.

Part of the problem could be that you aren't the right person that the right person is looking for. Face it, it could be a "you problem." You want someone in your life that is patient, kind, not jealous or arrogant. They are trusting, hopeful, and persevering. They don't get angry easily and they never keep score.

Ask yourself, is that me? If the answer is "no" then maybe that's why you can't find the person that's right for you. The problem is that we don't want to put in the work and think that saying "I do" will make us accountable.

You promise to love and obey but without preparation, it's not going to work. Without the work, you aren’t capable. When you are accountable/committed and not capable you become miserable and in the end divorced.

I've learned a lot about real love recently and this is what I've discovered. If you're in it just for yourself, it'll be a long and bumpy rollercoaster ride. If you are self-seeking in your relationship and not other-seeking, then you stand no chance.

If you give, give, give and they take, take, take, then run, run, run. In the end, you can only change yourself, so start there or start here.

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