RaeLynn will appear on an episode of CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team this fall. The Texan will watch along as the the girls who are hoping to land a spot on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad perform an original dance routine set to her new single "Lonely Call."

RaeLynn co-wrote "Lonely Call" with Nicolle Galyon and Rob Hawkins, and the song was inspired by true events. As RaeLynn previously explained to Entertainment Tonight, the song was written after a brief breakup between her now-husband, Joshua Davis.

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"We dated for eight months and broke up ... the song is verbatim how I felt," RaeLynn says. "I remember him calling me one night and he wasn't being mean or anything like that — when you're together and you're so in love, you want to call the person even if you're not together. I was like, 'I'm not your lonely call! I'm a Texas girl! I'm gonna be this and this and this.' I wrote the song and every time [Josh] hears it he just laughs. He goes, 'I always regretted breaking up with you, but listen, you wouldn't have gotten any of these songs if I didn't do it.' I was like, 'Whatever!'"

“Lonely Call” is the second single from RaeLynn's No. 1 debut album Wildhorse. The singer admits that it's now fun to go back to the song's origin and remember where it came from.

"It's really funny to go back and sing it," she adds. "I'm like, 'Man! I was so angry.'" RaeLynn's episode of Making the Team will air on September 28 at 9PM on CMT.

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