Whether you just really enjoy traveling or you live for road-trips that are both educational and fun, Plymouth, Massachusetts is a fantastic place to visit and you can get there in just five and a half hours if you're traveling from Binghamton.

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One of the places my family visited last summer when we did a ten day tour of the New England Coast is called Plimoth Patuxet and it's in Plymouth, Massachusetts. If you've ever visited the seventeenth-century English village in Plymouth, you might know this place as Plimoth Plantation. Last last year, the museum has changed its name in honor of the Wampanoag name for region and to better reflex the Indigenous people who once lived there.

Founded in 1947, Plimouth Patuxet is an excellent recreation of what the original settlement of the English colonists, known as the Pilgrims, built when they first settled in America. This truly incredible place is a living museum where visitors young and old can learn about how the Indigenous people made canoes out of trees and grew crops and built shelter. Visitors also get to walk inside recreated homes which are believed to be very similar to the homes the Pilgrims built and lived in. There are so many hands on learning experiences and the very best part is that both actors and guides stay in character when speaking to visitors.

I would highly recommend carving out at least half a day to visit this living museum and the second half of the day can be spent exploring the Mayflower II which is a replica of the original Mayflower and also the Plimoth Grist Mill.  My family ran out of time to visit the Mill but we're already planning another visit because there's so much to soak in and so many questions to be asked. I appreciated the honesty of the museum guides when they were asked (by me) tough questions about what things were really like when the Pilgrims arrived. They didn't feed me the fairytale stories we've all so often heard and not only did I learn an immense amount of information but my husband and son did, too.

The last day of the 2021 season will be on Sunday, November 28, but the museums will open again once the weather gets warmer which gives you plenty of time to plan your long weekend visit!  Take a look through the photos I took on our family visit and you'll get a better understanding of how truly amazing this place is.

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