Thanksgiving is supposedly one of the less stressful holidays but if you're in my family and it's your turn to cook the bird, it can be pretty stressful.  Luckily it is not my year but I did find a couple of videos that I wanted to share with my sister that may help bring down the stress level.  And it's good advice for all my listeners and readers, as well.

I have learned the secret to Thanksgiving dinner is to prepare as much in advance as possible.  That is, cut up your potatoes and have your celery and carrots all ready to go.  Second, stay cool.  Third, drinking a glass or two of wine will help immensely. I mean, if you are doing most of the work yourself, calm down ---how bad can it be?

Also, if appropriate, have your guests help by bringing an appetizer, making a side dish or bringing a dessert.  If you missed my post of the 'Best Homemade Pies in the Southern Tier," click HERE. We have some wonderful eateries that will make you a pie from scratch and it will certainly save you on time.

So you've shopped or just about have everything you need to make the perfect Thanksgiving feast?  Why not take some quick and easy advice from some of the experts.  Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.