Being from Philadelphia, parking tickets are just a way of life. You are bound to get one, and it’s almost a rite of passage. I got my first parking ticket about three years ago. A mere $60 inconvenience, which turned into a $150 pain in my neck because I forgot to pay.


A good percentage of us have received a parking ticket or even the dreaded SPEEDING TICKET! (Thunder crashes sound effect). The policeman pulls us over, asks us if we know our speed, they write the ticket, and we are on our way. The profanities fly while you are in your car, and you keep saying to yourself “no way was I speeding.”


Everyone fights tickets, it’s almost assumed that you do it. The financial burden takes a toll on your wallet, and stress may set in. But, when I saw what a university in New Mexico is doing, I had to share it with all my traffic violating friends.


The parking officials at New Mexico State University are letting students pay off their parking tickets with peanut butter. Yes, PB, the delicious creamy partner in crime of jelly. The students can donate at least eighty ounces, which is about five jars of the stuff, instead of paying their fine. These peanut butter jars and other non-perishable items will then be donated to local food banks.


This is absolutely amazing idea in so many ways. The first is that it is saving people some money. Five jars of peanut butter is going to run you around $10-$15, which is way less than a usual parking ticket. It also helps out the less fortunate get the food that they need.


Now, I know this idea can’t be sustained forever, but could definitely be a great idea for local police and city halls to adopt for the holidays or when food banks are in need.


I’m craving peanut butter and chocolate now. I promise I won’t speed on the way to the market.

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