If you own a dog or are in a neighborhood that has dogs, this week is one you may want to pay attention to.

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As we order online more often, there are way more deliveries coming to the house. This is a good opportunity to keep the delivery people in mind and safe.

We have two dogs and they are always a good first alert for anyone who walks on to our property. They are as nice as can be. However, we are very cautious when others come to the house and make sure that we keep them either in the house or on a leash when we have company.

Perhaps this week is a good one to remind your family that not everyone knows how to be comfortable and calm around dogs? I think people have are nervous around bigger dogs. Most of the large dogs that I know have a big bark, but not much bite. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

This year's campaign is called "Be Alert -- Prevent the Bite."

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