A Carbondale, Pennsylvania man admits he traveled to the Binghamton area with plans to have sex with 9 and 13-year-old girls.

Federal prosecutors say 51-year-old James Obelkevich thought he was sending explicit sexual messages to the children from the summer of 2019 until the spring of 2020 when he was actually communicating with an undercover officer.

Bob Joseph/ WNBF News
Bob Joseph/ WNBF News

According to a news releases from the U.S. Attorney and the FBI, Obelkevich was arrested on March 11 of last year when he showed up in the Binghamton area to meet with the children.

Obelkevich pleaded guilty in federal court August 4.

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Sentencing is scheduled for December in Binghamton before Senior United States District Judge Thomas McAvoy.

Oblekevich faces up to 30 years in prison along with a fine of $250,000 and five years to life on probation.  He will also be required to register as a sex offender where-ever he lives, is employed or is a student.

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