Ok, so the image is that of a Pizza Cat. You can't blame a girl for putting up a much cuter photo that one that would show a slice of pizza with a rat, right?

In 2015, someone in the New York City Subway saw (and recorded video of) a rat carrying a slice of pizza through the subway. The video went viral and now there is even a clothing line called, yep you guessed it "Pizza Rat."

The clothing line is put out by a company called "Rag & Bone" and yes, they have a cute logo that looks more like the rat from the Pixar movie Ratatouille than anything that would come out of a NYC Subway.

Will the cute rat and slice of pizza logo get you to pay $395 for a sweater? How about $295 for a sweatshirt? Pizza Rat high-tops will set you back $275 and there is even a cute Pizza Rat coin purse that will cost you $150. So price wise, this might not be for all of us, but where other than New York would a 'character' that came out of a viral video be emblazoned on merchandise for you to spend your hard earned money on?

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