Grab some tissues (an entire box would be good) because you’ll need them. This is a sweet, sweet story about a man named Fred and the love of his life, Lorraine.

96-year-old Fred Stobaugh wrote a song for his wife that she'll never get to hear. Lorraine died last April. Fred and Lorraine had been sweethearts for 73 years. Fred can’t carry a tune, but that doesn’t matter. The song he wrote was so amazing that someone who could sing offered to sing Fred's letter of love to Lorraine called “Oh Sweet Lorraine” and now the song is in the Top 10 songs on iTunes. When you listen to it, you’ll understand why.

When I watched this, I cried so hard I could barely breathe. This is a story of love, passion, respect and loyalty. A touching real life romance story that I hope grabs your heart as it grabbed mine.