Hey there, fellow golf enthusiasts! I've got some interesting news for you, especially if you're considering retiring and hitting the golf course in New York. This came as a BIG surprise to me because I love the golf options that we have in our backyard.

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According to a data study from Gambling.com, New York has been named the worst state for golfers looking to retire. Aww, c'mon that can't be right.

Why New York Is The Worst State For Golfers To Retire To

The study took into account many different factors to find the rankings of each state when it comes to golf for retirees. New York didn't do very well thanks to its low average amount of sunlight (46%), expensive green fees averaging $51 and beer around $4.75 a can.

All of these factors contributed to New York being named the worst place a golfer could want to retire to. I can think of some reasons that I wouldn't want to retire in the Empire State but golf certainly wasn't one of them.

Best States For Retirees To Golf

The study found that the best state to spend your golden years on the green is in...Nebraska. Yes, that surprised me too. The Cornhusker State was an appealing destination because of the high number of golf courses per capita, lower green fees, and even cheaper beer.

So if you care about that and not the quality of the golf course itself, then go Midwest not so young man or woman. By the way, Pennsylvania did much better as it finished just outside of the top 10 states for golf retirees.

The data may show that New York isn't the ideal state for golfing retirees but I think Upstate New York has many wonderful golfing options to offer. To my fellow golf aficionados, remember I'm just the messenger.

Feel free to check out the full report from Gambling.com for yourself and you can decide for yourself, where you want to tee it up in your twilight years. Happy golfing and retirement planning!

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