There are more signs that the pandemic is receding, as events start to resume, one of the big sporting events in New York State the Special Olympics Summer program is set to start.

According to a news release from Special Olympics New York, the summer sports season will offer eight sports, and a variety of other fitness training events, that athletes can train and compete where prowl permits.

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There will also be another session of eSports competition for participates throughout New York State.

The Athletes will compete in basketball, tennis, swimming, bowling, gymnastics, track and field, powerlifting and volleyball.

In the news release Special Olympics New York President & CEO Stacey Hengsterman said “Our return to play continues to ensure an opportunity for every athlete to get back in the game, whether they are able to practice in teams, on their own with their coach or through esports. Good luck to all of our summer season competitors!"

Another positive sign that we are nearing the end of the pandemic, Special Olympics New York announces that the return of competition to a majority of the 250 unified champion schools that are prepared to offer unified basketball in public schools throughout New York State.

Katie Cobstill the Unified Coach for Churchville-Chili School District says “Playing Unified helps build students’ confidence, improves their social skills, creates lifelong friendships and helps everyone feel like they are a part of something really special,”

Special Olympics New York is the largest state chapter in the USA, it serves more than 68,000 athletes, and are offered to them at no cost, to learn more, including how to make a donation, CLICK HERE

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