If you've never been, it can be hard to understand why people love fishing so much. However, if you ask someone who's a fan of fishing, they'll tell you that it's not just about snagging a huge catch. It's actually not.

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What is it that lures people to the water with a fishing pole in hand? While it's true that part of the fun is the excitement of not knowing what you might catch, for most the bigger thrill is having an escape from the realities of life if only for a few hours. Fishing is a way to relax and connect with others away from the craziness of life. Fishing also has a way of helping to create memories because it's something of a rite of passage for kids to be taught to fish by someone close to them.

If you're interested in giving fishing a try but don't have a fishing license, great news! This Saturday, June 27 and Sunday, June 28,  New York State is allowing anyone to fish in the fresh or marine waters throughout the entire state with no fishing license required.

All 7,500 lakes and 50,000 miles of rivers and streams in the state will be open for fishing. If you're not sure where to fish, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's fishing page has a fantastic list. Also, if you've never fished before and want to learn the basics before you go, the Department of Environmental Conservation has some really great free learning resources.

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