Many of you know that my daughter, Tara loves the paranormal and even has a YouTube Channel called "Paranormal Girl." She and I stayed at one of the best-haunted hotels in the country, the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols, New York. It's about a half-hour drive outside of Binghamton.

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We are always looking for places to explore and I was told about a website that told me where the most haunted locations are in every state. I was thrilled when I found out that the most haunted location in New York is in our area.

Most Haunted Location In New York State

Who knew that it would turn out to be none other than, Newark Valley! According to Treetopia, there have been over 2,000 ghost sightings in New York and Newark Valley has the most with 36 sightings.

So I dug a little deeper and found that many of the sightings according to this information, are apparently at the Newark Valley Middle School. According to, a figure of a little girl was seen walking down the stairs and then disappearing.

Newark Valley Middle School  Ghost Stories

Alissa said that she walked into the bathroom and felt a cold rush of air and the stall slammed shut. She tried to open the door to run but it was jammed, it finally swung open and she was pretty sure that she heard "byee" and cackling.

Jessica said that someone or something yanked on her ponytail and when she turned around, there was nobody there. You can go here to hear many many more stories. I wish that I knew this sooner because I was just at their school a few weeks ago to officiate a basketball game. I would like to have experienced it for myself.

If you have ever been to the NV Middle School and had a ghostly experience, we would love to hear about it. If you are curious (and why wouldn't you be), you can go here to see other locations in the US to explore for yourself.

If you're looking for other haunted locations in New York, keep on going and you'll find some places that will satisfy your paranormal appetite.

Best Haunted Places In New York

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