As the state looks to ramp up the speed of administering coronavirus vaccinations, there should soon be a lot more places to receive a shot.

You have probably heard or read recent reports about the first round of COVID vaccines needing to be administered faster. Today, Governor Cuomo announced a plan that should allow the next rounds of vaccinations to be administered with greater speed and efficiency.

According to the Governor's website 636 locations are now administering vaccinations and  "...3,762 providers have applied and been approved by the state to serve as vaccination sites." So the good news is there should be many more places for New Yorkers to get their vaccinations as the next phases of rollout occur. The Governor's office says this list of providers "...includes pharmacies, federally-qualified health centers, local health departments, private urgent care clinics, private doctor networks, and other sites capable of vaccinations." The idea here is once the vaccination reaches widespread availability, the infrastructure will be in place to make it as easy as possible to attain.

Once we get down to it, this will kind of be like getting your flu vaccine. You will be able to head to your local CVS or Walgreen's, urgent care, or your doctor to get your shot. As vaccine efforts ramp up to help the public reach mass immunity, this easy access will be super important to help us get there as soon as possible.

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