As a kid, I remember always wanting to live in a mansion.  I'm not sure what kind of mansion or where exactly I would have said mansion, but I wanted one.

I think it had to do with growing up watching all of the sports players and TV and Movie stars living in there huge houses.

Whatever the case, I missed my opportunity and so did you.

For $50,000, you could have owned a 10 bedroom, 6,000 square foot mansion in Auburn, NY.

According to CNN, the city of Auburn had purchased the building and teamed with a Real Estate agent to figure out a unique way to sell the house.

A contest was held and potential buyers would enter their intended use, cost of renovation, etc.

The city will vote on January 8, 2020 and award the home to it's new owners.

The full article, rules and details can be found HERE

I'm so upset that I am just NOW finding out about this.


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