The capitol is in need of a couple of Christmas Trees ... or "holiday trees" to be more P.C.(insert eye-roll here).

Every year the New York State Capitol has two giant decorated trees on display for the holidays. According to News10, one tree will be placed at the East Capitol Park and the other near the Plaza skating rink.

This is where you come in: do you have a big 'ol spruce that would be prefect? It has to be between 35 and 55 feet tall, kinda shaped like a traditional Christmas Tree and in or near the Capital District.

Here's the bonus and one reason why I'm going to look around my property to see if I have a tree that would work. They will remove the tree for free! So if you have a tree you were wanting to cut down anyway see if it could be removed and placed at the capitol. Removing a tree that 35'-55' is very expensive and this could be a great way to save some money...and do something cool for the holidays.

"If you have a tree you would like to be considered, please contact Kevin Ciampi at OGS by calling (518) 474-8860 or emailing and include your name, address where the tree is located, and a contact phone number. If a photo of the tree is available, please include it."

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