It is summer and time to appreciate what Wallethub ranks among the best in the US.

Great summer road trips! Yes, according to Wallethub, New York is among the best states for a summer getaway via automobile. And I have to agree. Think about the destinations that are close to us just here in the Capital Region - the Adirondacks, the Catskills and more. That it pretty much most of the state of New York!

Wallethub formulated their rankings taking into account the activities available (NY ranked #2 nationwide in this category!), safety (#4 here) and cost (This is one spot we ranked low at #48). Put it all together, and Wallethub ranks New York 6th overall for Summer Road Trips.  New York is the only Northeast state to rank in the top 10. OUr neighbors in Massachusetts land at #16, and Vermont at 29. North Carolina was the #1 state on the list. You can see the full rankings here.

When it comes to recreation, while it can be expensive, we do live in one of the best area of the country. We have great outdoor destinations and great attractions, and they are easy to get to. It can be costly to love here, but part of that is paying for the convenience of having all this great stuff around us.

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