I can tell that gun deer season has begun in New York (and Pennsylvania) ecause I'm seeing deer everywhere. As I'm driving around, I can see them in the fields, along the woods line and some sleeping by the highway.

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The bucks are coming out of the rut and their moving around with all the commotion going on around them. If you're not careful, you'll have a close encounter of the near deer kind.

Chances are that you've hit a deer or a deer has hit you through the years. My sister, Michelle put deer whistles on her car to keep them away. She's still hitting them, so I told her that she has the whistles on backwards and are calling them in, instead of scaring them away...It's a wonder that she still talks to me.

Can You Be Charged For Hitting A Deer With Your Vehicle

So could you be charged if you hit and killed a deer with your vehicle? Not really but it is New York so anything is possible. I hope that I'm not giving Governor Hochul any ideas.

You could be charged by police if they could determine that you had been speeding (or other infractions) when the accident happened. Where it will get expensive is when you get the car repaired or by the increase in your insurance rates.

Can I Make A Claim In A Car-Deer Collision

If you are hurt in a car-deer collision, there isn't a claim that you can bring because you can't sue a deer...That's the wrong kind of buck. Now if you were the passenger, you could make a claim against the driver but the driver is usually a family member or friend.

The best you can do is stay home but if that isn't possible then slow down. Keep your eye on the side of the road and remember that where there is one deer, there is bound to be more. Want to find out more, go here.

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