New York now has a contact tracing app to monitor potential exposure to coronavirus for state residents.

It is not one of the most fun apps you will ever download, but it could be useful as we navigate the latest surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state of New York is now offering a contact tracing app. COVID Alert NY will alert you if you come in contact with someone who is diagnosed with coronavirus, according to the New York Department of Health. the app is voluntary and anonymous.

This virus spreads so quickly the key is getting out in front of it to limit exposure to others. If New Yorkers use the app, in theory it could be helpful. The big if with this one will be the effectiveness of the app. The Department of Health says its effectiveness will correlate with how many people download and use it. That's the other side of the coin here. New Yorker's comfort level with tracking apps is almost as weak as our comfort level during this pandemic. Which does not bode well for this being used by the masses.

You can get more info on the app and can download it in the Apple app store or Google Play here.

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