I had the most fun this Labor Day Weekend than I've probably had in quite a few years on this holiday. I figured I should share it with you! I started out doing absolutely nothing on Friday, but yard work, because I was being lazy. If you are a reader of mine, you've already read that Saturday I enjoyed the NYS Fair. Sunday, we took a trip to Saratoga Springs to meet up Family at The Parting Glass, an Irish Pub in the area. I received a text message from my friend Mike, that, while was an unfortunate incident, proved to be brewing up some good fun with our "boy toys."  Mike says, "I need to have my car towed, I broke an axle. Will your truck handle it?" I answered with only a low pitched evil laugh followed by an "of course it will." However, we needed something a little better than just a rope, as we were towing Mike's car to Lisle, NY. My other buddy Doug says he has a flatbed car hauler in Whitney Point, so... GAME ON! After all of the festivities in Saratoga, we drove the two and a half to three hours directly into Whitney Point to pick up the car hauler. Mike's car was broken down in the BU Events Center parking lot. We arrive to find only one gated exit to enter through with the 18ft trailer. Yup, we went in the out door! I backed the trailer up to the car and Mike and I jump out to push the car up on the trailer... yeah right. Without a winch we needed a bit of innovation. So, first we disconnect my truck from the trailer and chock the trailer wheels. Then, Doug and I connect a nylon tow rope to a tow chain and connect my truck to Mike's car. Yup, I yanked that car right onto the trailer! We chained the car down and took off! Besides hitting a couple of bumps and Mike almost having a nervous breakdown/cardiac arrest when his car wiggled up and down, it was a good trip to Lisle! All went really well!! Needless to say, I am now in the market for my own flatbed car hauler and a couple broken down rides! Monday you ask? Pfft! We only had a BBQ... ha ha.