Like most Americans I am a movie watcher and I still love to go to the theater and watch them on the big screen, this past weekend I went to see “War Of The Planet for the Apes”

I remember the original Planet of the Apes and sequels that started in the late 60’s and ran though the mid 70’s.

Charleston Heston played the lead character Taylor and introduce us to a world where Apes ruled and humans were the animals.

The special effects were state of the art for the late 60’s, but could never compare to today’s amazing CGI.

I was amazed at how real the apes actually look, everything from their movements to their facial expressions, the special effects of this movie were unbelievable.

The story line picks up from the last reboot Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, with the Apes living in the forest and a war being wage by a military leader called the Colonel (Woody Harrelson)

The story line and much of the movie scenes were just the Apes, but the CGI was so good that you get hooked into the story line and actually bond with the different ape characters.

The writers of this movie included a few references to the original movie series, naming the little mute girl in this movie ‘Nova’ which happenings to be what Charleston Heston’s character called the girl he found on the planet.

The youngest child of lead Ape Caesar was named ‘Cornelius’   that was the name of one of the lead Ape characters in the original series.

Maurice the name of the Red Ape Baboon was named after the actor Maurice Evans. Who played the lead baboon in the 1968 original Maurice Evans.

I’ll give “War Of The Planet for the Apes” three stars out of five. Worth watching but you could certainly wait until it comes out on video.


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