While summer weather brings a smile to your face, the insects that come with it endeavor to do the opposite. Just sitting still breathing is enough to attract mosquitos, so what can be done to avoid them? If they've already invaded your yard, then there are a bunch of solutions available to try and repel them, but most of those end up repelling you too. What we're suggesting is to prevent them from breeding near you in the first place. All you have to do is...

...Remove any warm standing (stagnant) water from your property. That's it. Or make sure that you're at least two football fields away from the nearest stagnant water source. Mosquito eggs are laid on water that isn't circulating much and if you remove this crucial element from your yard, then you've won the battle before it even starts. But what if you have a pond or pool or bird bath?

If you keep your pool well maintained with a proper chemical balance, cover it and run the filter often, this shouldn't be a problem, but if you have a pond, then there are a couple of ways to keep the mosquitos at bay. You can stock the pond with mosquito nabbing fish, like minnows, or check this out: use dish soap in your pond! While this is ineffective for adult mosquitos, this will kill larvae on the surface before they even hatch and you won't need much, just a milliliter per gallon of water! Not to mention, this is environmentally safe as opposed to bleach or insecticides, etc.

In summary, the best offense is a good defense and best to get the little suckers before they even have a chance of getting you.

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