Morgan Evans' new single "Day Drunk" is a playful pop-country date night jam for the couple on a budget. Actually, by definition it's more of a day date song.

Tight verses and an irresistible chorus that Evans leans on hard make this second single from Things That We Drink To a real charmer. He's right when he says "Day Drunk" works two ways. Lyrically it's a moment shared between young lovers, but the boozy nature and anthemic arrangement should make it a memorable track during his live show.

Unintentionally Evans awakens nostalgia in the country fan who's a little older, with kids and chores to shut down any "Day Drunk" aspirations. It's fun to remember these times, when life was easy, a boozy kiss could lead to more on the spot and everything in life was about this moment.

Did You Know?: "Day Drunk" was inspired by a date-gone-wrong, but made right with Evans' wife Kelsea Ballerini. He had it all planned out, but she was too tired, so they stayed home and opened a bottle of champagne.

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Morgan Evans' "Day Drunk" Lyrics:

We bought that champagne for New Year's / We got one bottle left / Let's pop it open baby what you say / Stay in that t-shirt you don't need to get dressed / 'Cause we got plans to make no plans today / I'm thinking happy hour on the hour / In the kitchen, in the shower / Dancing tipsy, come and kiss me baby.

Let's get a little day drunk / Party with our shades on / Play a bunch of old songs / Sing along, get the words wrong (who cares?) / When you're day drunk / Get down while the sun's up / Make a little good love like it's date night / In the daylight and it feels right when you're / Day drunk, day drunk / Yeah when you're
day drunk, day drunk.

Remember that bottle of whiskey that we bought for you dad / Yeah we got time to buy another one before his birthday, right / Let's make the day the best that we've ever had / 'Cause I'm high on smile and when you look at me that way / No you don't need no make up, leave your hair up / Ain't no guest list, girl it's just us / Before the sun sets baby let's get crazy.

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