Montgomery Gentry take fans on a journey to rural Tennessee in their new video, and Taste of Country readers get to see it before anyone else.

"Get Down South" is a slice of pure classic Montgomery Gentry, pairing a rockin' country track and a lyric that celebrates the simple pleasures of small-town rural America.

Eddie Montgomery delivers the verses in a spoken-word, not-quite-rap cadence that has its roots in the tradition of talking blues, over a backdrop of banjo. The song then gives way to a powerful rock chorus, featuring the high-octane rock vocals of the late Troy Gentry over heavy electric guitars.

"That's how we get down south / When you're living in a real small town / And there ain't nothing else around going on / You want a party, gotta make your own / Get down south, if you've never let your redneck out / Or had moonshine in your mouth / You gotta get down, get down south," Gentry sings.

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It's exactly the kind of track that built Montgomery Gentry's success. The video takes fans to Nashville to tell the story of two lovers who might appear to be a mismatch, as a country boy takes his city girl out to the country to introduce her to the simple life — which she doesn't seem to find much to her liking, at first. But by the video's end, she has become a convert to the fresh air, fun and wide open spaces. Click play on the clip above to see Montgomery Gentry's new video for "Get Down South."

"Get Down South" is the second single from Montgomery Gentry's current album, Here's to You. The project was completed just before Gentry died in a helicopter accident in September 2017, and released posthumously in February 2018. Montgomery Gentry returned to the stage in January for the band's first-ever shows without Gentry, featuring Montgomery and the same musicians who have played in the group for years, faithfully keeping the group's legacy alive by performing new songs and classic hits.

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