Whether or not you're a 'Price is Right' fan, an episode from last week had everybody laughing!

Manuela Arbelaez, a model for the show accidentally gave away a car to a game show contestant! The contestant, Andrea, had three chances to guess the price of a new car, out of five choices. After her first guess, Manuela pulled the number and revealed a big "NO" sign and before Andrea could take another guess, Manuela pulled the next number, revealing "WIN!" There was an awkward half-second there, before Andrea screamed, "I won it!"

Manuela looked mortified, putting her hands over her mouth and trying to hide behind the sign, but to no avail, because we all saw it! She admitted that she was afraid of being fired, but Drew Carey and the producers thought it was funny and Manuela still has her job!

Take a look here!