Midland's Jess Carson theorizes there is a 96 percent chance of singer Mark Wystrach crying at some point during his band's headlining Ryman debut. The tallest member of the trio responds by asking why it's not 100 percent?

The May 2019 performance was personal, as is clear during this behind-the-scenes video premiering exclusively on Taste of Country. Chris Isaak and Brooks & Dunn joined the "Mr. Lonely" trio for surprise performances at Nashville's most hallowed venue. Shots from the concert are weaved around shots from before the show and backstage balcony interview with Carson, Wystrach and Cameron Duddy.

The BTS video comes as Midland prepare to drop their sophomore album Let It Roll on Aug. 23. The project follows critical acclaim and Grammy nominations for songs on their debut On the Rocks. "Drinkin' Problem" and "Burn Out" were Top 5 singles for the band. "Mr. Lonely" currently sits just outside the Top 30 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

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On a personal level, Wystrach recently got engaged to entrepreneur Ty Haney. The couple are also expecting a baby, which would make four for Midland after Carson's three with his wife.

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