Back in 2008, The New York Times did a fascinating article on a global seed vault that houses seed samples from around the world.  Weather you believe in climate change or not, it's clear that over the last tow or three decades, plant species have been disappearing at an alarming rate.

Meet the Global Seed Vault that houses 865,000 different seed samples from all countries around the world, preserved in case of a global catastrophe.  Located near the North Pole, near Longyearbyen, on a Norwegian island, this protected vault is 427 feet inside a mountain that very people in the world have access to.  Just about every country is represented, even North Korea.

This seed vault is there in the event of a global catastrophe.  Hopefully it will never have to be used but it's interesting to note that the vault has already been tapped because of the civil unrest in Syria.

I am a big "seed person."  Every year, I start my plants using seeds from the year before, including tomatoes, peppers and flower seeds.  I always try to seek out non-GMO seeds and in the case of tomatoes, use organic heirloom seeds from various catalog sources like Baker Creek and Seed Saver Exchange.  In most cases, it doesn't cost more and often the plants produce fruits that are better tasting.  And I keep my own little seed vault in Binghamton knowing that my seeds are untainted and pure with a history.

Take a look inside this mysterious Global Seed Vault near the North Pole.

[Via NY Times]